Medicinal Use of the Plants

Today's 'Civilised'man rarely uses herbs and medicinal plants which were recognised and used for healing by his ancestors for many millennium.

Thankfully, the modern science has, in the recent years, has proven.  The pharma-therapeutic potency of these herbs has now been established scientifically. These plants are applied for a range of therapeutic, medicinal, wellness, aromatic, cullinary, household and cosmic purposes. Rare species of plants such as pingu, lodha medha and jasti Madhu can be seen at Ekamravana

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The Nilabrungaraj

The garden has helped to save rare varieties of medicinal plants from near extinction, The Nilabrungaraj or green Eclipta is one such herb. It was popularly used as a tonic for hair in the 1950s and 60s after which it was rarely found.

The Plant was found after a painstaking search in the jungles of narsinghpur area in cuttack district and has been propagated in Ekamravana